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The translation agency A. PROSPECT s.r.o. has been here to serve you since 1998 and has its main office in Prague 2, Czech Republic. We provide translation, interpreting and other accompanying services to companies, government authorities and the public.

Our agency’s goal is not only to be the cheapest, but also the best, or at least one of the best translation agencies on the market. We want to have satisfied and loyal customers who appreciate our services and will keep coming back to us for all of their needs. We achieve this with the help of our team of qualified and experienced translators from many fields of expertise. We are not trying to have the largest possible database of translators, but we cooperate with a smaller group of professionals who have university education and qualifications in the subjects in which they translate, because a quality translation is not only correctly chosen words and exact interpretation of contents, but also involves catching meanings that are often hidden between the lines, maintaining the same style and the best terminology and understanding that the people for whom the translation is intended often do not know the foreign language that the original document is written in and therefore have to rely entirely on the translator’s work.