PřekladyTranslations are our agency’s main activity.
We arrange translations of all texts from Czech into more than 40 European and world languages and translations from those foreign languages into Czech.

We translate in all subjects, and for the purposes of simplification we divide them into the categories of general (routine), expert, technical and court (official) translations. Our translations of expert books and literature form a special category.

General translations – these include business correspondence, letters, routine company documents, etc.

Expert translations are translations that require work by a translator who not only has perfect working knowledge of a foreign language, but also understands the given subject. Expert translations most often include:

  • translations of legal texts
  • translations related to banking and finance
  • translations of marketing and advertising texts
  • translations of medical and pharmaceutical texts, translations of packaging inserts
  • translations of IT documents
  • translations related to tourism and transportation
  • translations of texts related to culture, art, studies and education
  • translations of expert company documents and annual reports
  • translations of websites
  • translations of hotel restaurant menus

Technical translations
Technical translations most often include:

  • translations of technical documents and manuals
  • translations of guides and operating manuals
  • translations of documents related to machines, devices and equipment

Court (official) translations are translations of official papers and documents that require binding the finished translation with the provided original document (or copy) and require a court appointed interpreter’s official stamp on the document that certifies in both languages that the translation complies verbatim with the original document.
Translations stamped by a court interpreter most often include:

  • court translations of personal documents (translations of birth, death and marriage certificates; translations of certificates, diplomas and other documents confirming education or qualifications; translations of documents for inheritance proceedings, statements from the criminal register, translations of employment contracts, translations of medical and hospital discharge reports, etc.)
  • court translations of company documents (translations of powers of attorney, translations of statements from commercial registers, translations of minutes from general meetings, translations of companies’ articles of association, translations of memoranda of association, lease agreements, translations of share transfer agreements, etc.
  • court translations of financial and accounting documents (we most often carry out translations of tax returns, auditing reports, financial statements, etc.)
  • court translations of various confirmations for the purposes of various authorities
  • translations for courts, police authorities, the Foreigners’ Police, etc.
  • court translations for the purpose of participating in public tenders
  • court translations of ISO documents, norms, certificates of compliance, directives and regulations
  • translations of clinical studies, pharmaceutical testing, patients’ statements of informed consent, clinical evaluations, etc.